What makes Kerry Osborne different to other accountants?

She believes her client's feedback/testimonials highlight exactly why we are different and would encourage you to take time to look at these. If you choose to come to Kerry Osborne Accountancy you will quickly realise that we are not your average accountant. We are a young practice that centres on client support and interaction. It is as important to us that you get as good a response to an email you may send, as you get to your accounts being completed efficiently and accurately.

How can you save me money?

By keeping your accounts up to date, you will be able to plan and make more informed decisions day to day, therefore avoiding costly mistakes. We will also ensure that you are claiming for all your business expenses.

What expenses can I claim?

This varies greatly depending on the nature of your business however it does highlight the importance of having an accountant. We regularly meet clients who are not claiming legitimate business expenses and help them to identify and record these.

I’ve just set up my business when should I look for an accountant?

The earlier you can get an accountant involved in your business, the better. By getting an accountant to work with you, you will gain help and support from day one, whether helping you register with HMCE or assisting you with the best way to record your finance transactions.
We find that the most prepared businesses are always the ones that can cope with any problems which may arise.

I only need a tax return completed, surely it’s easy enough to do it myself?

Indeed anyone can complete a tax return, however having an accountant prepare yours for you ensures that you claim for all the correct expenses. Accountancy is ‘what we do’ therefore we know exactly what to look out for and how to assist clients in a variety of businesses. We find that the cost of completing a tax return is usually very small in comparison to the savings made and also the time (and stress) spent by a non professional completing one.


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